Little Birdy (epoxy)

Little Birdy (epoxy)



This is our groveler for small to medium waves, basically a go to East Coast dream board. It works really well as a trifin up to chest high and as a quad up to head high or a little overhead. We've been getting some great feedback on this board from some of our crew on the West coast.  It's super lively, insanely fast and responsive.  Double concave through the midsection helps it go rail to rail like a much narrower board and Simmons inspired bottom contours in the nose help it get in early and surf like it's even smaller than it is.  

This one is built with 2# eps, powerline fiberglass stringer for more pop, supersap sustainable epoxy. 

Limited edition artwork by Morgan Winter. 

$150 shipping in the continental US, or come by the shop. 

Custom orders available upon request.

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