Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Our Story

I’ve been a builder, tinkerer and sculptor almost since I could walk.  Hand crafting a surfboard has been a natural progression of my desire to create functional beauty.  My shapes are based on both classic surf designs and a continual study of hydrodynamic principles, but surfboards are only useful if they bring the rider joy. This is what making a surfboard is all about and it is the most important part of the process for me. 

Our boards are handbuilt entirely in house, from start to finish.  We use North American hardwoods (often reclaimed wood from NYC water towers) as well as the most sustainable surfboard making materials on the market.  Our proprietary process optimizes the strength, flex, and durability of both wood and fiberglass construction.

Standard with each creation:

  • A stronger, lighter, more functional surfcraft that is handbuilt in our shop in Brooklyn.

  • A surfboard that will last a lifetime.  You will be passing it on to your grandkids.  

  • Your first ding is on us. We'll repair it, no questions asked. 

I hope you enjoy the ride,


David Murphy, Founder


dream team

the colorful cast in our Brooklyn woodshop...

David having a deep thought.jpg

David Murphy


Phoning in from spaceship earth, David is A sculptor and self made craftsman. Captain Murphy runs the ship, shapes the boards, makes the coffee, pays the bills, and comes up with ideas...both good and not so good.  At one point he boasted the best beard in brooklyn, but has since renounced the title.


Peter Heilman

Master woodworker

Peter helps with most of the non-shaping aspects of our wood boards.  His work lends a precision and care to the construction that comes from a lifetime of woodworking experience.  He is currently pursuing a project on a boat on the East River, and should get back to the shop so we can start another round of boards.


Andrew Zinicola

Shop Apprentice 

Andrew is an artist in his own right, and helps with the construction of our wood boards.  He is a recent graduate of the Pratt Institute, where he majored in sculpture.  You can find his other work, and musings about surfing at www.andrew-zinicola.com. 

Christian Johansen

Shop Apprentice 

Christian helps with all things design, around the shop, from board shaping to website building, to branding and marketing. He is currently trying to drink at least 3 liters of water a day.  Follow his progress at www.cmjohansen.com